Hey guys

So my band has just signed up to play a New Years Eve at a local venue. Its a pretty good deal $2000 for a band that has only played a band comp as yet.
As we're early on in our live career we dont have much in the way of promotional material apart from a dodgy band pic. What do guys reckon we need?
$2000 is damn good pay. If you have a decent camera get more pictures taken and put them on fliers for the event, make sure you list location, age, cover charge, address of venue, and guests that are playing with you. If you have a facebook account for your band, make sure you create an event on your band page and send the invintations, than repost a link onto your orignal facebook members page.

If you have enough money get some shirts made, and business cards. There are deals on the internet where you can design your own and they will send about 200 or so for under $50. Also if you have the equiptment, record a 3 piece demo and hand them out to friends who will spread the word, also make extras for the event. People love free sh*t.

Places to hang fliers:
Laundry mat
Liquor Stores
College Campus
At the venue
Gas stations
Smoke shops
Non chain resturants/fast food joints
record/music stores
Yeah I'm pretty stoked with the pay man

I was mostly thinking along the lines of promotional material, not just for the event but also for the band in itself (posters, other artwork, fliers, etc etc ) but I hadnt thought of merch! Facebook is bare-bones but its up and I'm mixing our 7 song demo as we speak and it was always our plan to give it away. Business cards are a good tip, and I know an online store where you can get 250 for free. design might be limited, but they might do.

Thanks man! Hadnt though about merch or business cards at all!
Yeah hadn't thought about posters at all, we just did a bunch of fliers and painted the town. If you want to do a home-made poster you could get some decent band photos done with some local photographers who will do them fairly cheap, just ask for the bare bones, and they will probably give you a disc of all the pictures, and then you could edit them in photoshop and put your band logo on it, take it into a print shop and get them blown up on large glossy poster paper. You might have to ask what the copywrite laws are on taking photos from photographers and doing that, it might be against the law or some violation, but not quite sure. Anyways, if a family member or friend has a decent camera I'd do it yourself.
I would suggest figuring out your ideal fan first, because that's who you will attract the most and the easiest. For instance, what attracts you to a concert the most, especially if you haven't heard of the band before? Where do you find out about it in the first place? You are a great template for your band's ideal fan. Where do you and your friends like to hang out, shop, eat, etc? What do you and your friends find the most enticing/attractive about a show flier/poster, where you saw the flier/poster, how you cam to know about the show/band, etc.?