Dear friends of UG forum,

i am really excited i'm posting this message.

After weeks of hardwork i finally have a working beta to show to the world!
Now i need people to use it and give me some feedback both for fixing problems and make it a better tool for all users.
So, you are invited to download my little app and register to test it.
SyncTab is a (far young) tab editor that allows you (in the same way a subtitler will do with a movie) to match your tab with your artist's music tracks (mp3 etc).
Today SyncTab is a windows app, but the idea started born as a Android Tablet app and if i hope to convert to Android soon. Also a Linux and Mac version should not be so hard once the Windows version will be mature and stable.
If you enjoy play with the original song rather than let your tab editor play an high quality emulation this app may be the one for you.
SyncTab also intagrated sharing feature becouse i hope one day SyncTab will also become a community!
If you want this far young editor to grow comfortable for you, this is your chance.
Now go to****Link removed by emad**** and give it a try, if you like.

Thank you for reading


PS: if you can, spread some word about SyncTab around!