Someone is selling it on Craigslist, and I'm not sure if it's worth driving out to take a look. Haven't heard back from seller, yet.
Based on the listing (and the other stuff being sold), the seller may not know anything about musical instruments (looks like a garage clean-out)
cant really tell. looks like a les paul had a kid with a sg. gibson carved headstock, definitely thinking a copy
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Could be a Washburn LP copy. Looks cool enough, i wouldn't pay over $150 by the looks of it and the case its in though.
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he's looking for $100 for it and a small amp (pictured), and some stage lights (which I have no use for, but they'd probably go up in my garage!).

I hope the lights don't need the leopard skirt!

For $100? Yeah I'd go for that. Even as a backup or a beater guitar it's probably a decent deal unless it's in really bad shape when you see it in person. It's hard to tell from those pics...
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hmmm, does it come with the calculator?
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Well.... thanks for the help, but we'll never know for sure.

Seller finally called, and said it's sold. He said it sold almost immediately after posting it, and he thinks it was a "Gibson something-or-other, really not sure".
well if you buy it do update us.
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Definitely not a Gibson, I know pretty much everything out of there catalogs at first I thought it might have been an older Gibson Melody Maker; however the shape of the pick guard, position of the controls and the pickup layout made me say no. This thing almost looks like a Dano with the seal shaped PG, even the headstock looks like it has the spot for Danelectro to be written on it but after some crafty research I couldnt find a 56 single cutaway that matched this one. Would really love to know what it turned out to be!