I recently have been having breakups in the signal when practising, My setup is: Ibanez RG > PG Flange Pedal > Crybaby > Rocktron distortion > amp.

I bought a new cable to use from the flange to my guitar and got no signal at all which I thought was weird. So I tried each pedal individually and its fine ( using the cable that usually goes from rocktron to amp), but it breaks up every now and again sometimes for like 10 seconds.

Anyone know how I can see what is on the fritz? I'm pretty crap at explaining I know

EDIT: I have a VOX AD30VT. I thinks its really odd that a cable didn't work at all. I have it running just through my distortion pedal now and it still loses signal, the input jack on my guitar is well soldered so It can't be that
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I'm not quite sure what you mean. Does it work with the setup you described with other cables? If so, the cable's the problem.
If not, try looking at the input jack of your guitar?
I know my guitar used to have connection problems because of a loose input jack, and all I had to do was a little soldering.

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Try the input jack on the guitar. If not it might be the amp. Doesn't sound too serious though.
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What kind of amp? I had a modeling amp with every possible effect on it. Sometimes, that would happen to me. I turned my compression off, and it fixed itself. Maybe just play around with the amp? If not, are the batteries in your pedals full? If you're using a OneSpot, do you have all the right connections in the pedals? Loose input jack on guitar? Crappy cable shorting out?


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I am willing to bet its just a grounding issue with the guitar or possibly a defective patch cable; however that being said what type of amp are you working with? I know my Haze 15 was acting up (I thought a tube was going microphonic) tapped it (the V1 premap tube) with the eraser end of a pencil and blammo went back to normal.