I have just started playing around trying to record some guitar with my laptop and audacity, and i get this weird problem, the sound is fine if I play really slow stuff, but if i am playing some fast metal, after about 5 seconds the quality starts declining rapidly then kinda sounds like underwater. If i stop for a few seconds then start again it will be fine, but if im playing constantly yeah it will get progressively worse quality.

Why is this?

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Man, never touch Audacity if you're seriously doing something.
hmmm... what sort of interface are you using?
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If you're using the on board laptop mic, some laptop mics have a noise gate type deal that will turn on to try and clear up sound for video chatting and what not, it's a possibility that it's turning on thinking you're getting a lot of background noise.
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Odirunn, thanks, yeah there were some settings activated in my microphone properties, turned everything off and now it works fine,

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