I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a brand/type of strings that will give me a little more grip....what I mean by that is I'm looking for strings that wont just slip out from under my fingers when I bend up any further than half a step. Right now I play either Ernie Ball Regular Slinkys, or GHS Boomers. I'd like to play with relatively low action, but if I set up my guitar with low action, I can't really get a decent grip on the strings to bend. When I raise my action to a height that lets me bend the way I want to, it feels a little too high on my G, B, and E strings for my personal preference. I really like to be able to get up underneath a string when bending for leverage and control, and I'm wondering if there is a type of string that will sort of 'grab on' to my finger a little better when bending even with relatively low action. Any recommendations or suggestions are welcome. If I'm being too picky and need to just man up and learn to play with slightly higher action, feel free to tell me
But you will be getting blisters if it's not slippery at all.
Just play with dry fingers/hands, and it wont slip.
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The only thing i can think of Is Thicker strings?!


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Never had this problem. Like said before, I would say either thicker strings or dry hands. Do you sweat alot when you play?
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