So I found a harmonica in my attic and I thought that I might begin learning it. But I don't know where to begin.


Inb4 ultimate-harmonica.com
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Jam to blues backing tracks.
edit: its one of the easiest instruments there is. If you have any experience playing music, you should be able to play it by learning it by ear. protip: you can breathe in and out. both will produce different notes.
Harptabs.com is pretty good for tabs and stuff, learn love me do and some other beatles ones, yellow submarine's piss easy

google harmonic notes as well, i assume you have a c harmonica?
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Blow and suck

EDIT: then pick up the harmonica!
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Adam Gussow on youtube.


I mean just look at this boss Sunshine for your love

The two hole draw is the most important if you want to learn blues harp. Start with learning how to do a good two hole draw, once you've managed that go on to the one hole draw. After that try bending them or adding a little vibrato. At first it's going to sound awful but you just have to keep at it, and you'll start getting the hang of it. Watch the lessons by Gussow and just practice a good two hole draw every day for like 5 mins and you should get the hang of it pretty quick. The rest will follow from there.
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Blow and suck

Pretty much this.

You can't really get lessons for it, it's mostly about learning by ear.
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Pretty much this.

You can't really get lessons for it, it's mostly about learning by ear.

You can Gussow has over 200 lessons on youtube and they're of very high quality. You would have a hard time finding a teacher as goods as he is and have the lesson be free!
1) Place harmonica to lips.
2) Blow.
3) Slide harmonica to change notes.
4) Suck.

You are now a harmonica master.
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Well, if you really want to learn there are loads of video lessons on Youtube that I'd recommend checking out. I started learning blues harp earlier this year. First of all, if you just want to chirp away Bob Dylan style you can do so easily without any skill of any sort. If you want to play blues or something like that you might want to learn bending and vibrato.

It took me months trying to get a good bending technique and months more getting any other techniques. Really it depends how serious you are about learning it.

Also, check out this guy to get going.

Yeah I bought a couple last year and no idea how to play 'em, just suck and blow in the holes you think will create the notes on the song you're playing.

I've never recorded myself playing it, but whilst I'm playing it I always think I'm getting it spot on. Even if I'm using a key C harmonica on a song that's not in C.
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haha i found a bluesband harmonica (key of c) the other day and i think it would be a wonderful instrument to learn. you can carry it around it your f*cking pocket man. yeaaaaaah.
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