Quite intresting!
Some notes could be palm muted, but really cool idea!
The guitar riffs are good, but I can make a few suggestions.

- Use polyrhythms every once and awhile. Bar 70 is a straight sixteenth note chug that could serve to contrast from the even feel the listener is used to at this point in the song by making it an eighth note triplet, or you could do straight sixteenth notes with the fourth note omitted, so its like groups of threes with a quick rest.
- Switch up the harmonies in your rhythms periodically. I realize that the genre calls for heavier rhythms and you make good use of perfect, diminished, and augmented fifths throughout the song. Diminished seconds are also good harmonies for this kind of music ("Floater" by Every Time I Die) and you can even make harmonized thirds sound pretty heavy too ("3's and 7's" by Queens of the Stone Age, the bridge before the second lead break)
- More drum fills/less repetition in the drums would be nice, but that's my personal taste speaking.

thanks man...yeah i only did an easy drumpattern because i just wanted i implement a groove that my drummer can grasp. i dunno what he will do with it.

and what does C4C mean?^^
means I'm asking you to listen to my song and comment

ah okay will do tomorrow