Well, basically, I'm just asking if any of you have any tips on learning to play bass and sing (or scream and sing in this case.) My band decided that instead of finding another bassist, I (who had quit playing bass for about a year) am going to pick up bass again and do both vocals and bass. My vocal technique is strong and I've more or less got my abilities on bass back. But the challenge is doing them at the same time. I'm practicing it as much as possible, but I was just wondering if there were any extra excercises or tricks to help accelerate the process haha. All help is welcome, thanks!
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Just get the bass down where you can play it without thinking, then sing while you do it. Take your time and it'll be far less frustrating, but will take a while to develop.
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There are two things that really help when you want to learn this:

1 - Find points of intersection between the singing and playing. What I mean is you should look for points where the rhythm matches or where there's an accent on the same beat. I don't tend to sing and play at the same time much but I find it works much better for me when I can find the notes changing or chords changing on the same beat as the beginning of a word.

2 - Learn both parts so well you don't have to think about either. It's easier with simple things to begin with but the better you know one or the other the easier it will be to marry the two together.

Really though, it's a very hard thing to do, it has a pretty steep learning curve. Once you get good at it though it gets easier to learn to do it with more things.
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Thanks guys. Already more info than I could get talking to local musicians haha.
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