Looking for some super easy and simple pop-punk post hardcore acoustic songs to play.

just need some ideas so i can expand my playing skills. and try new songs
i can play Pumped up kicks by foster the people, the intro to dammit by blink 182,the intro/chords of swing life away from rise against and the picking intro to buried a lie by senses fail. imput welcome

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Roadside - Rise Against
Hero Of War - Rise Against
Swing Life Away (siren song of the counter cult) - Rise Against
Give It All (acoustic) - Rise Against
Everchanging (acoustic) - Rise Against
Paper Wings (acoustic) - Rise Against
Anywhere But Here (acoustic) - Rise Against

Ignorance (acoustic) - Paramore
Misery Business (acoustic) - Paramore
The Only Exception - Paramore
My Heart (acoustic) - Paramore

I would like to say Coheed & Cambria but their stuff is a little higher pitch vocals and a little harder.... but check them out if thats what you like

Check out Etienne Sin on youtube. he has a section on his youtube profile that is ALL acoustic covers of post hardcore/metalcore songs.

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