I'm a luthier, making guitars in a workshop. Now I want to know how many people will like worn vintage guitars? And how much would you like to pay for such a guitar? It'll be appreciated if you'd like joining in this talk. Thank you.
If you mean genuine vintage guitars which have real wear, I love them. They always have a character to them which a newer guitar doesn't usually have to me. I also prefer older guitars for various reasons which are irrelevant to my point.

As for the "worn look" done on new guitars... not a fan. However, if a guitar sounds sweet and fine, I don't care if it's ugly as sin or has a fake finish to it.

In terms of price, i deem that based on various qualities which a guitar has, and if the price i am quoted is concordant with the price i would be willing to pay for it, I may buy it.
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theyre pretty cool, i dont think i'd ever pay the 2500 price for one of these "out of the box old" guitars though, i will admit i was playing one of those worn strats and didnt know it and i was fooled, i was like wow this guitars awesome how old is it? and the guy was like oh well its one of those new ones and i was like oh cool i guess was still a great guitar though its just i dont like being lied to by anything including guitars
I like vintage-looking and feeling guitars, doesn't matter if it's artificial or the real deal.

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I dunno, something about a Les Paul thats obviously been knocked around for years and still carries that sustain and playabilty just says something really awesome about the instrument.

Same goes for stratocasters.
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I would haggle the price down big time on an artificially reliced guitar.

My dad does relicing. I see the shit he does to them. It makes me cry.

A guitar with real gig scars has no relevance to me unless I put the gig scars on it. I would again, haggle the price down big time. Unfortunately no seller would care because they can find somebody who would pay for that.

Those scars are worthless to me because I don't know how they got there, therefore they have no nostalgic value to me.

Unless of course it was the guitar of some super star. But then you're paying for their name and fame, not the scars.
I'd rather have a new one and over time and through use have it look well worn. I don't get artificially aging. It's just a look, no sound influence. Most of the older guitars I've bought have been in great shape.
I can't say if I were in your position I would have a stockpile of them, but knowing how to do a worn vintage finish would be a valuable skill.
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I prefer the genuine old guitar over the fake old guitar. To me its trying to be something that it isnt and by the time its old its really going to look shithouse. So, I prefer my guitars to age gracefully.
I love a worn vintage instrument, just thinking of all the stories behind the scars. I'm not a fan of artificial relics whatsoever. I just find it funny you can buy a guitar that has been purposely beat for a higher price.
I love vintage guitars, and if I had the money, I'd be tempted to spring for one of the Fender Road Worn strats or their Gilmour sig (I think that ones worn too).

That being said though, I do love a finely finished guitar a la PRS.
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