I need to play a piece of music on my guitar in 2 weeks time and I have no idea what to play please help I am a grade 3 guitarist and need something that is easy but Impressive.

mexican hat dance
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Is that bass guitar, drums and guitar?

Get your bassist to play a slow riff, make the drummer play a typical 80s style beat and the improvise over it. Turn up the reverb too.


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George Michael - Careless Whisper over and over and over and over again.

if that doesn't work out your best bet is to ditch the guitar and sing a britney spears cover
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For those of us that don't know what grade 3 is equivalent to, an example of something in the difficulty range you are describing?
Also, as previously said, style you like?

I like heavy metal. I am a grade 3 guitarist playing stuff like uprising-muse
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I like heavy metal.

accept - lady china
pretty easy, and very heavy metal-ish. a lot of pull offs to open strings so it's easyer than it sounds

why don't you just pick a song you really like? i assume you have heard enough songs, there must be some in there that you can play?
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