Hey guys, I have looked on the forums and stuff but all of the answers a bit too vague and i decided to ask my self.

So is there like a order to learnig guitar? such as tapping or something? i play electric btw

so far i have been playing for 4 months and i can play some very simple stuff.

i can alternate pick, bend or pull off but nothing else.

So is there a method of learning guitar or should i keep learning songs?
people tell me to learn theory but can you guys expand on exactly what theory is? cheers
Not really, you can learn it in the order you wish....
Some things, such as sweep picking, are just more difficult, and it will take longer before you can perform them, but you can attack your guitar technique in any order you feel like.
As for what music theory is, that's a very broad topic....do you know how to read music? start there. Do you know major scales? minors? other scales/modes and such? intervals, chord structure, etc etc etc. its a very large topic
Theory is everything and nothing, dude it really depends on what you want. keep learning songs, try learning some scales and get into some harder stuff. the rest is just progressive, you cant say im at level X in guitar playing.
There are many ways to learn guitar, but almost always you learn the easy stuff (alternate picking, tapping) first and the hard stuff (sweeping, VERY fast licks) later. You can learn by just learning songs (that's how I'm learning). Just keep picking songs that are progressively harder and keep pushing yoreself to play more difficult stuff. Just remember, there's no time limit. Don't feel like you have to learn certain stuff after so much time of practice. And theory is pretty much musical knowledge: scales, chords how to play different chords in different places on the neck, etc...
oh crap i forgot to mention

A new amp would fix your problem...

I forgot you played electric guitar....
I haz gotten gud
From what I've learned, in order to get better at playing guitar there is no simple way to get what you want out of it, it does take a hell of a lot of hard work and dedication (in my case to the point of playing for 6 hours in a day just to get some techniques down). However, if you've only just started and have a basic grasp on some techniques (as you said, alternate picking and the like), then learning some basic scales (i.e pentatonic, major and minor) would be your next step, as well as learning a few small licks here and there by some guitarists that you favor.
I was obsessed with Stevie Ray Vaughan when I started playing, so a lot of licks that I picked up and now use from time to time, were from some of his tracks. Look for the tabs, or even better, try figuring them out by ear and you'll progress and start developing your own sound and playing style.
Just keep in mind there is no right or wrong way to start (with the exception of trying to sweep when you can't even pull off a pull off).. just do what feels right and try to make sure that every time you play, you learn something new...

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On a total sidenote, your title should be "ARE there stages to learning the guitar?"
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depending on what you mean, then I would disagree with others on here and say that there is some sort of stages to it. but thats really only if you plan on actually learning about music rather than just messing around with it for fun.

no, it doesnt matter if you learn to tap before sweep picking, but honestly I really doubt anyone would be capable of doing sweeps if they cant tap (tapping is pretty easy), and I doubt anyone who couldnt alternate or economy pick could sweep as well.

generally you should be working your way from simple pieces, requiring less fancy technique and then on to more complex, harder to play pieces.

if you actually want to learn music there is DEFINITELY some order in which to teach them. im in college for music right now, and theres surely a planned progression that builds on itself to teach you music. My primary instrument is classical guitar, and though Ive just gone for one lesson so far, there is surely a progression to learning it, right now im playing simple, single note pieces alternating only between my index and middle finger, ignoring the ring for the moment and I havent been shown proper rest strokes yet. right now its all about posture, wrist movement, and beginning to sight read.

really electric should be no different. if you expect to get to a professional level of playing its just/almost as difficult as classical (which is really just different), and will require as much serious dedication as classical would. I think some people can get really good based on a basic knowledge of music acquired in high school/earlier and feel, as well as hours of practice each day.

but what is practice? how does one get better? at a certain point, on ones own it becomes very very hard to determine that. Especially when one is self taught (like myself) and there are numerous holes in their knowledge, which are hard if not impossible to fill as one is not always aware of what these holes are or what is impeding progress.

Id recommend a teacher. Id recommend learning to read music and music theory. no matter how stupid mel bay book one may seem, and how many cool riffs you can throw out, it doesnt matter, if stuff like that frustrates you your not really good enough to play what you think you already know. You'll find your time might be off here, phrasing there. and believe it or not, the only difference between the private lessons I get at the local community college and the ones I got at guitar shops (and quickly quit) aside from the styles (electric/pop vs classical) is the quality of the instructor (my teacher is awesome, and very well accomplish. I heard in his younger years he got to get on stage with dokken!)

but still regular lessons would be immensely helpful if you have the dedication to learn your pieces after every lesson, work hard to improve, and dont give up. As long as they stress timing, technique and sight reading, your sure to get to a point where you can at least grasp on music enough to start teaching yourself music theory and have it be useful at all.

there are also other people whom you might find on craigslist or a similar site who graduated from decent schools out there teaching who cant find a job (there are no jobs in music, this does not mean they are bad), whom would probably be better than your average guitar shop guy with no real credentials.

there arent really extremely well defined stages no, but musical skill builds on itself just like math does. and is in fact heavily related to math. lots of people can sit around and riff real cool and play a cool, simple solo, but actually legit knowing all the notes on your fretboard, being able to read and having good aural skills, and properly executing techniques so that your capable of playing the most difficult lines DEFINITELY has a progression to it.

like others have said, its all what you want to get out of it.

at least thats my opinion on this matter...

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Wow thanks guys for the really detailed answers and advice! I think they will really help in my guitar career :d lol. Im a bit lost because i just dont know what to learn :{ so i guess i will work on some easy scales and take it from there ;]
If you plan on writing original songs and making a profession out of it, you should learn as much music theory as you can while you are developing technical ability.

Eventually, the songs you write will serve as technical practice and build your repertoire. I feel like this is the most effective way to get better at music; write your own songs and learn them. Learning other people's music is a good way to build a vocabulary of ideas and technique, but it's not the end if your goal is to write music.
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Wow thanks guys for the really detailed answers and advice! I think they will really help in my guitar career :d lol. Im a bit lost because i just dont know what to learn :{ so i guess i will work on some easy scales and take it from there ;]

if your just starting practice scales, learn some tabs (you dont need to start out reading music if you dont want) songs you like and are enthusiastic about (cmon theres gotta be something that would make you feel badass haha, lots of popular songs are easy to play for a beginner)

try to copy famous guitar players tricks. if you find it to be something that your dedicating yourself to of course theres lots more to it. but trust me you can have a whole lot of fun while finding where your at on it too. i think I came at it a bit intense and I apologize for that, but its my thoughts on the matter anyhow I guess.

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