Hey, thought I would explore the superior knowledge available in this forum for some advice...
Looking for a new guitar to move from pure and simple acoustic towards the electric end of the scale.

The music I like is somewhere in between blues - 60s and 70s Beatles, Stones, Hendrix etc. - and 90s-present britpop and indie like Oasis, Blur, The Libertines.

I may be able to get guitars at wholesale price through a friend in the industry in which case I'm looking at G&L USA Asat Bluesboy, Fender USA Telecaster Thinline and an Epiphone Elitist Casino... If not I'll be looking at the G&L tribute version, the standard Chinese made Epi Casino or a Mexican Tele...

I'd also be open to a normal tele not thinline, but I really like the humbuckers on it.

Which path do you guys think I should take? I'd really appreciate some opinions.
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I think singlecoils would fit better to you music than humbucker.

I agree. Go with an American strat or tele.
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I'd actually go with the humbuckers, a tele with humbuckers gives you more room to grow and expand than a similar guitar with single coils
Hey guys, so if anyone sees this I've got updates on my situation...

Even at a wholesale price, all the above guitars are out of my league... So now I'm looking at a Chinese Epi Casino/Tribute G&L BLuesboy/Mexican '72 Thinline Tele.

I've heard bad things about Mexican Fenders and Chinese Epis so at the moment I think I'll go with the tribute. What do you think?
absolutely. G & L tribute series are excellent guitars. That is what I would do.
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I'd go with the Thinline. Most Mexican Fenders are about almost par with American ones.