This is something I've just written. At the moment there's just a pre-chorus and chorus (I'm still figuring out chords for the verses).
Anyway just thought I'd get feedback on the lyrics while getting the right verse chords. It's called A Thousand Words of Misspelt Art at the moment (might change).

How can it come back from this?
When there's nothing left to miss?
Right now it's falling apart;
A thousand words of misspelt art

And these words they burn red
With memories of broken laughter
Why won't we just let this go
Instead of dealing with all the mourning after
We're burning up before our eyes
We're starting to see through our own lies
And when I sing I sing alone
It's all I can do do to keep from picking up the phone.
Now I'm walking the empty solemn streets
Casting down the shadows of my defeat
You look at me as if I'm throwing my life away
Well I'll tell you now, I'm not a fucking hyperbole.