Does it matter how many times you do it?

I just put on a new set of strings on, and my E and A string i got about 4-5 times around. It sure looks that way. Does it matter?
Yes it matters!!!! if you do exactly 9 wraps, the universe will plunge into a black hole and erase all life!!!! Be sure not to do that!!!!!!

:serious answer:
People may debate whether one way gives more string life or not. Aside from a string life perspective though, there is no effect.
i have a buddy who used to do LOTS of wraps and his strings would slip all the time, putting his guitar out of tune.
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I just do it once or twice because that's how my guitar came.
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you should be fine as long as it is in tune and staying in tune i see nothing wrong with it. I usually wrap my strings about 2-4 times.
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