So one day my my sound would just cut off and it would flicker on and off until I wasn't getting any sound at all. It turned out to be the jack so I had it soldered and it worked fine until a little bit ago. The sound is starting to cut off again unless I hold the guitar in a certain (weird) way. Was it a bad solder job and do I have to get it done again or what?
It's a fairly common problem, I have the same issue with one of my guitars. You'd be best off having the jack replaced, it's only a cheap job (my local store quoted £20, not sure how this compares elsewhere). You could probably do it yourself if you're confident, but I'd never recommend doing anything like that unless you're 100% sure what you're doing.
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It's kind of hard to tell without seeing it. It could have been soldered improperly, but that would have been evident from the start. Solder could have ran over too much, causing the current to go where it shouldn't be going. Is it holding your cable securely? It could be that piece that clips onto the cable isn't securing well and not making a good connection.

Do you use active or passive pickups? The active jacks are a bit different than a regular one. And have you tried using a different cable? It could also be that your cable might be on it's way out too.
I had this problem on my first guitar; my Fender Starcaster. What I did to fix it was unscrew the jack from the guitar, and then I saw that there a was a strip of metal which the guitar lead actually plugs into. I guessed that it wasn't making enough contact with the lead at all times. I pushed the metal strip down a bit so that once the jack was screwed back in, it would make more contact with the lead. You may want to try that before you start taking it into a repair shop.

(This may not fix the problem, but it did for me).

Good luck!
Try using a different cable preferable one made by live wire, monster, musicians gear or if you wanna go the extra mile a mogammi cable.

make sure the two wires are still secure.

make sure, when inserted, that the cable makes this connection.


make sure your cable is good.

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