I've always kept my electric in a tripod style stand, under the impression that it was more secure than the A-frame style. I've just bought an electro acoustic, and after doing some searching, am not sure what the best option is. I want something that is floor standing, but reasonably secure. A lot of the threads here recommend the Hercules stands, but do they support the weight of the guitar through the body or the neck? The GS405B is the style I'm used to, but is the GS412B (the one I see recommended everywhere) more protective of the neck/of the guitar being knocked over in general? It looks a bit precarious balanced on that single bar, as though if it were knocked, the neck would suddenly be taking all the weight.

Would really appreciate some advice on this, either in general on style of stand or if anyone owns any of the Hercules stands?
The GS412B is essentially a wall hanger, but for the floor. It holds the guitar by the headstock, and the little piece at the bottom is just to balance the guitar.
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I use hercules auto grip stands and theyre perfectly fine i've had absolutely no problems after using one for a year. Dont forget most guitars you buy are held on hangers for a long time so this wont be much different, if it's good enough for the shop surely it's good enough for you!

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Thanks for the replies. I'll look into the Hercules stands further. I should have said in the original post that my electric is a Fender Jaguar, and it has had some neck issues. I know hanging it shouldn't worry me for the reasons that you mentioned, but it just does. Perhaps I need to give myself a kick.
I have the 414B floor stand and the GSP38WB wall hanger. I've never knocked over the floor stand, but have come close once. I know it can be knocked over, but it's a bit difficult to do IMHO. But if your guitar has neck issues, don't take the chance, get one that supports the body.
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But if your guitar has neck issues

Any guitar with "neck issues" should be set up correctly immediately, which will fix these issues. If you have any serious problems with your neck, that aren't easily fixable, your guitar will not be playable, and the neck should be replaced.
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