What height is best for a tone zone S in bridge in a strat? Also do I need to block the tremolo before I change pickups, I have heard I do, Is it because the trem will put too much pressure and hurt the body? If so, can I just put paper or a cloth between it?
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Well wikipedia says 1/16 for humbuckers but I am not sure if that counts for stacked single coil humbuckers.
1/16 what? 1/16 of an inch away from what? You move the pickup up and down until you find a spot you like. The closer it is to the strings, the louder it will be, but you kill sustain.
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Whatever height you like it at, honestly. Its a preference.

+1. it will be hotter closer to the strings but may start pulling the strings magnetically if too close. Play around with it. Its not an exact science.
Put a ruler under the back of the trem so when all strings are off your trem dosent fall into the cavity or block it if you want.