My gear:

Peavey Vypyr 15W
B.C Rich Warlock (Factory pickups)

I'm looking to achieve a similar tone to the Lead and/or Rhythm guitars in these 3 videos (3 different tones, btw, not a fusion of them lol):

"You Run" by Submersed

"Pray to the Pessimist" by Parabelle

"Suffocate" by Cold

I know it's impossible to replicate their tone's exactly, but I'd like to get somewhere in the ballpark, and then feed off of these to create a nice grungey/rock tone of my own.
spend some time with your equipment and expeirment and fiqure it out
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But Don't believe him cause he only tells lies.
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But Don't believe him cause he only tells lies.

I'm glad you are a lot of help to the TS! :cough:
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