I want some really bright bass strings. But, I don't like to change strings too often so I'm looking for bright strings that last a long time. Any suggestions? I like the sound of the GHS super steels, but I don't know how long they hold that bright tone. So recommend me some strings! haha. Coated strings would be great, if any exist.
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I'm not sure what brand lasts the longest,but cleaning your strings often makes them hold there tone better.Coated sound kinda dull right out of the box but they don't change much.Hope this helps
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I like Ernie Balls, they stayed really bright for a bout 1-2 weeks for me - it depends on how much you play. They're roundwound though, not coated
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I like Ernie Balls, they stayed really bright for a bout 1-2 weeks for me - it depends on how much you play. They're roundwound though, not coated

They're the only string that has never lasted me a week.

Elixirs last me 6-7 months or so usually. I can keep them on for 12-18 sometimes but they're pretty dead way before that.
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elixers sound too bright, then like ass, just like nickel strings, but with more time being bright.

rotosound and DR sound nice, last pretty long.
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I like DR Hi-Beams and Stainless Steel Lo-riders for how long they last.

If I can't get my hands on either Rotosound 66's are great too though they feel like cheese graters.
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I use DR Hi-Beams and DR Sun-Beams. They stay bright, but not overbearingly so!
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R.Cocco stainless' last ages. I've had a set on my Corvette for about 5 months now and don't plan on changing them any time soon, and I'm a once every 1-2 months kinda guy.
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