I play a mix of hard rock, progressivo rock, heavy metal (old school black sababth/iron maiden style) and blues. I live in Brazil so I will order it on ebay and just pick it up in America, and since I don't live there I don't have time to test any guitars. I am a lead, rhythm and acoustic player so I want something versatile with a nice sound.

I was think of SE Mikael Akerfeldt since he is a progressive player but never played on myself, so I was hoping you guys could lend me a hand.

Versatile, under 750 bucks (might go more if it's worth it) and very beautiful (it's gonna be used for gigs after all). Thanks and sorry for any grammar mistakes!
Probably a Custom 24 or a Custom Semi-Hollow.

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Thanks and sorry for any grammar mistakes!

I love how you just spoke with better grammar and spelling than 75% of America.
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I play a wide range of stuff (we're talking from the red hot chili peppers to the devil wears prad wide) and I got the PRS semi hollow custom se and I love it. It sounds amazing. At first I couldn't get a good metal tone but that's because I had to eq for a semi hollow not a solid body. so after tweaking my amp/affects a wee bit I absolutely love it. It plays great and no problems whatsoever (well one minor one...it came with the fretboard insanely dry....but after applying some lynnseed oil it plays like a dream)
PRS Semi-Hollow Custom SE

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Meh. Looks like an SE to me.
Well, thanks for confirming you know absolutely nothing about PRS guitars.
I recently picked up a mint condition used PRS SE Custom 24 for £350 and it's fantastic. In many ways I prefer it to my Jackson SL3 Soloist which cost £1000 once I'd upgraded the pickups! The Custom 24 really is a fantastic guitar.
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SE245 would be good too.
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SEs are some of the most underrated guitars out there. used they go for nothing and the build quality is fantastic.

local shop had em selling for 350 brand new from the PRS factory (hometown is 30 min away from the PRS factory). A PRS employee got them for free and didnt want em and the store owner says they didnt bring any money pre owned.

2 were up for 350 never even played and they were gone in a week.
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No but really, it's a great guitar. Custom 24 is the way to go though, methinks .

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