So I am upgrading my old beginner bass guitar to something more to my ability but idk what bass I really need. I have 3 I already think might be a good deal but if anyone has any other suggestions that would be awesome. My price range is $750 max. and I play all types of music so a pretty decent bass that can play most types of music and is under $750 is what im lookn for.

These are the 3 bass guitars I'm looking at:



Do you have an amp setup of any kind? Im a Fender fan so I of course vote those but from what ive heard the Squier CV or VM series are the same if not better quailty than the standard Fenders. But no experience with either so thats just other peoples posts. With that budget though I would say you have quite the selection, especially if youre willing to go used. I would definitely go try some different ones out and see what you like though.
Those three are completely different, you need a better idea of what you want and what you like before you decide what to buy.
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