hey guyx ..I Have been singing on semi acoustic guitar for 1 year!.and also recorded some songs using my HP Laptop built-in mic nd Logitech usb mic!!but Now i wanted something better for practice and recording too! plx guide me what should i buy for it..I men which mic???and mixer or what??amp??I just want to record my vocals playing acoustic guitar!!i dont hav good speakers too!! I Don't knw anything..plx tell me something economical .. I have Almost budget of US 180$..As i m from Pakistan..i estimated this amount by converting pakistani currency into US!! plx help!!thx in advance!!
Dear Gentlemen of this forum. I have been studying the musicianship of Guitar & Singing for approximately one year now. In this time frame, I have also used my laptop microphone and USB headset to capture the audio of my vocals and guitar. Now, I am looking for a device of better quality in which to capture my audio recordings with. I need someone to mentor me in the direction I need to go. My brain cant comprehend what microphone, interface, mixer or amp I need to buy. My goal is to capture the sonic properties of my voice and acoustic guitar. Also, my speakers are of subpar quality. I have no clue on what to purchase. I am asking you fine gentlemen to guide me in the right direction in purchasing an excellent device while keeping it economical. I have a budget of approximately $180 USA. I come from the far of land of Pakistan and the sum of money is an estimated conversion rate of my current amount of money. Please, fine gents, help me. Let me express my gratitude for helping me accomplish this in advance.
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hey someone help him. Some people do not know english all that well. At least he has an excuse.. it is the damn forums of Ug for christ sakes not AP English class.
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Just look online for a cheap mic. I picked up one for something like $30 (it was on sale, to be fair) and it's worked well enough so far.
Then you can come back in a few days and complain about the noise (hint: it's not the mic, it's your computer's line-in port!)
Now I have a question for you: Did you learn English by sitting in an AOL chatroom? Or are you just trolling?
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Now I have a question for you: Did you learn English by sitting in an AOL chatroom? Or are you just trolling?

That's not trolling. I'm pretty sure that's how he normally types on a computer or phone like everyone else he knows. In his country, I'm sure everyone their can understand what he said perfectly fine; we just have trouble deciphering it because we find it to be too informal.