Hi folks, first original recording of my own I've done in a while. This is an online project with a vocalist, yada yada. It's tough guy hardcore slash "moshcore" slash groovy/bouncy. Yeah.

First track: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Odirunn/

If you like what you hear, check out http://www.facebook.com/mythmusic

Guitars are X50. Bass is guitar pitched down and processed to shit, which went way better than expected. Drums are SD2.0 with SSD blending on the kick.

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wow, thats pretty awesome.
in honesty, don't like the vocals, but thats more to personal preference and not his or your talent. they were executed well but again, personal preference dictates that minor critism for me.
the rest of the track is awesome. tone of your instruments is basically perfect. got the exact mood and sound that i'd expect with a track such as this. no issues with timing or your mix,
yeah overall dude, very very good job.

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This does really bounce man!

Guitars need way more balls, they sound really scratchy. I've heard you pull way better tones. Also get that bass nice and upront for this type of song. The vocal performance isnt bad IMO, I just think it isnt blending well with the guitars at all. There are some very sibilant parts to.

I love the vibe in this, Wanna upload DI's for me?
Thanks a lot for listening guys!

@sean: I think the lack of balls in the guitars is probably coming from the ghetto bass and not being able to blend it up front like I would a proper bass track; I don't have access to a 5 string bass at the moment >_<. I'm rerecording guitars either today or tomorrow with some heavier strings that'll also help the thinness, I used my drop C strings tuned down to A for this. I'll upload those DI's when I'm done!
This is awesome! The drums sound really solid, which is something I've always had trouble with. You said you're using SD2.0? I am too, but how did you get your drums like that? Is it parallel compression or something?
Anyway, cool song. Guitar tone is fantastic, and your vocal style is sick.
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