Hey guys. I'm pretty short on cash and have resorted to selling some of my possessions. One thing I've considered selling is my bass but I don't know how much I should ask for it because it's well...kinda rare. I bought it from a guy off ebay years ago. It's a Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass, Japan Not For Export model. I've seen these things go new on ebay for 1,000-1,100 USD but other than mine I've never seen a used one for sale. The neck is a little scratched and there are some stains on some of the metal parts (from previous owner not me) but the body head and bridge and pick guard are in perfect condition. Everything on the bass sans the strings are original.

My other question is, do you think this is something that will gather value over the years and could be worth a lot of money in the suture or what?

Any help is much appreciated.

A quick Google search gave me one being sold for $700 and one in the UK for the equivalent of $750 if that helps.
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It depends...

is yours a Jazz body Aerodyne or Precision body Aerodyne?

Also, what color?

I see them pop up about once a month or so, both in the used section at shops and on CL. I've seen them for as low as $300 USD, and as high as $750 USD.

In general, the Precision body ones are rarer... but people tend to like the jazz body more, so those tend to go for a higher price.

The black model is super common, so if yours is the trans-blue or trans-red, it'll go for a bit more.

All-in-all, unless you need the money, or have a good trade in the wake... hang on to it. Any MiJ Fender will only increase in value. It's also a 'different' bass than the standard P or J, so that will also add to its eventual value.

I like them a lot, personally, and i think they are awesome basses.
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