Ok, so trying to find a band where I live at is tough to do. Well, its tough finding band members who actually want to do work and learn/write songs. So I'm taking a break on looking for band members and just going to look into recording some of my own tracks. Of course I'm looking for equipment that has great quality, even when I burn it into a cd.

So basically, I'm interested in the Zoom R24. I was just wondering, can I connect this device to my computer and use a drum software such as EZDrummer to put my guitar work over it? I hate asking people who work at music stores, cause they just wanna make a dollar. So I figured I'd ask here.

Do you recommend EZdrummer?

And please, take it easy with the fancy tech talk. I'm only a beginner with this stuff. But I'm not looking into getting something cheap. It's either all or nothing.

Just wanted to know basic stuff on these products. Based on your experience.

I would like to burn my own cd, and actually hear the drum pedals. Ok i'm going on and on here.. any help? other drum softwares? and how do i connect my guitar to the recorder? through the line out of my amp?

Sorry for dumb questions, i'm just trying to be specific. THNX !

BTW, my music style is Metal/Groove Metal if you want to call it that. Think Devildriver, Chimaira. I know many people have different genre names for different bands. But its in that area.
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I would recomend EZDrummer because it sounds really realistic and is very easy to use, plus you can download different drum kits from jazz to metal whitch makes it very versatile.
I've searched ezdrummer, and searched different people on youtube with that program.. but they all have different quality. so i'm not sure how it would work for me. plus i would also like to know how it sounds with the zoom r24.. but no luck finding that combo on the net. thnx for your response ..
I'm a beginner too in recording.
I tryed several drum softwares (addictive drums etc.) and...
yes, I recommend EZdrummer, especially MetalHeads expansion, it sounds awesome and realistic.

But, you know, you hear "different quality" in every video because of the MIX.
THAT is the hardest part: you can have the best drum sound, but if you don't know how to mix everything you won't be satisfied...

I'm struggling with it too... :\
Don't know about EZDrummer, but it's probably worth checking out this package:
Apparently it's designed to work with the Zoom R24, so it's got to be a good place to start.
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