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So I'm starting uni soon and I can't really take amps down. But I'd like to have a guitar+bass with me. What would the most practical solution be? I was thinking multifx into laptop? But I don't know where to start there. I'd also like to practice/gig when I'm there but I guess I'll have to borrow amps. Budget would depend on the solution, as a student I wont have much cash so the cheaper the better.

Also I'd like to change the valves and speaker in my laney. At the moment it's very fizzy and overly bright with my strat yet muddy with the hamer. Also, most of the gain is unusably fuzzy. I'm not after much gain, just a smoother tone and more clarity. Any recommendations?

I was looking at a full set of JJs (pre+power amp) to tame the brightness and a celestion classic lead 80 based on other people saying it's a good match. Any help here is much appreciated. My budget is maybe £150.

Don't bother with Multi-Fx. Just get an amp simulation programme. If you buy a Line 6 interface, it comes with PodFarm. It's a pretty sweet programme and will be more than adequate for what you want.
JJ's are great tubes, go for 'em.
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I'm really a noob when it comes to this kinda thing...so what exactly do I need to get and how would it sound if I used it for bass? Also I'd need some decent headphones I assume? And would this let me get some decent recorded tones?

EDIT: Since I'm not bothered about having much amp gain (it never goes past half atm) would there be any advantage to using something like a 12AT7?
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I highly suggest POD Farm for university/college. I used it for the last 2 years of school and I might have killed a few small animals if I didn't have it.

As for the Laney, they are naturally bright amps (as is the case with my GH50L) and supposidly JJ's are darker tubes. That should help balancing the tone. A 12AU7, 12AT7 or 5751 in the V1 slot will decrease your overall gain, making your preamp breakup less, but should help with fizz.

As for the speaker, I am sort of useless...
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Thanks for all this stuff so far guys. I'm gonna have to get used to pod farm and such pretty quickly but it seems like the best option. And yeah the VC30 is very very bright.
Quick questions: Changing valves is easy enough right? I've not done it before. Also, say if I got a 12AT7, would I just have to guess/play around with where I put it to find it's best position?
12AT7 is certainly worth a try.
5751 is so marginally less gain you probably won't notice a lot of difference. The brand will make a bigger difference than the fact that it's a 5751.
A 12AU7 might just turn up it's toes and die, they aren't really a direct substitute for a 12AX7. They will work in some amps and not in others. I think B+ will be too high on a VC30. It may work but not worth trying.
A 12AY7 could be worth a try too, it's even lower gain than a 12AT7.
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