Here's a poem thing

Often have I wondered as I wander through the years
whether it was I who caused the towers to fall
and crumble into oblivion's dusty trapdoor
or whether the cataclysm magicked over the sea
and chanced to knock me from my feet
spiralling earthward at an increasing rate
And yet if the blame is mine
I feel no guilt, only confusion as
To how an idea can roll back the breakers
Airbourne on fate's tireless weaving wave
And send me root-tripping
Into someone else's grave
We picnicked as over fifty thousand miles
of nothing an aeroplane wore a mask of fear
The sun shone and the ground was gone
A butterfly flapped its wings and vanished
Cause and effect have seldom sung
the praises and prayers of the victims of tirelessness
but rather hung them on the crosses afterward
Between thought's family tomb and an orchid's bloom
where togetherness is impossible
and imagination runs wild
and conclusions are drawn
on the canvas of the stars
in the empty campfire night
on a quicksand of words
five thousand miles in time away
I suppose the vibrations reached me
And moved me from where I stood
Dropped me headlong into the darkened world
On the rocky outcrop where the guns had raged
Fifty years ago or more before
Sixty now, and the swellling on my head has subsided
I've healed with no permanent damage to myself
Other than the worry of cataclysms and expensive cheese
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Feels to me like a lot of images that add up to little. Nice images, though. I am specifically left with two questions: why would this person think they were to blame for this unspecified cataclysm?


How does "expensive cheese" constitute "permanent damage?"

It seems like if either of these two questions had an answer, there might be a theme to this poem; otherwise, it feels like vague apocalyptic ditherings.

Nothing to see here. Move along.
Well it's actually about 9/11 and chaos theory - a butterfly flapping its wings and causing a tornado etc. The idea is that someone is wondering they somehow caused 9/11 through some tiny action. maybe I was too vague? I did write it at 2 am. The expensive cheese represents economic difficulties
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