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Alright. I now own a Spider IV. I have a 300person gig in marche, i have to get something with 50w-100w. Should I:
1: Get an amp with distortion and a footswitch for 300$, with high wattage (100w)
2: Get an amp with good cleans, high wattage (100W) for about 200$, and with the 100$ left I buy a nice pedal/multi effect pedal
Any names/models wouldbe apreciated too.

Bugdet:300 for Amp footcontrol/pedal.
Style: pop rock, hard rock, punk, metal.
I live in Quebec. Nearest BIG store is Archambault.
You don't need 50-100 watts to gig. Where are you going to do this show? Any decent public stage / venue, it should have a PA. Mic it up.

20-50 watts should do fine.

But for $300, its gonna be a stretch to find anything decent. Since this is gonna be on March, you should save up a bit more and buy an amp at around Feb, and by that time you should have a bit more cash.
Wrong forum bro. At $300 any 50-100W amp you can get is guarantied to be a piece of shit. If you want high volume then get a reasonable head and a good cab. My favorite would be a Blackstar HT-20 + cab but that will run you over $600

But the question still remains: Do you gig or do you just bedroom playing?

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save money, get a REAL AMP that wont sound shit because it cost you $300 just because of the wattage and buy a 30 watt tube amp. tubes are way louder than solid states even if they are a considerably lower wattage. buy an egnater rebel 20 or 30 or get a blackstar amp and if youve got and money spare get a Zoom G3 mfx pedal. its great quality (better than boss and digitech) and has better tone than line 6 with more effects and its only $150 new.
I'm buying used, too. And I also have to switch my guitar AND pay a few more hundreds on a build, so... And i need the build, the new guitar and the new amp for march.
try to find a used peavey ultra plus combo, peavey VTM, or an ampeg VH140C.

i'd say those are about your best bets.

also, why is this in EG?
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Rent for the gig and a practise or two to get the feel of the amp. If you intend to gig often you need to save up for an amp and guessing isn't the way to go. Going half assed isn't a solution either nor should you spend money on an all tube amp then feed it with a digital procesor.
Since you don't post a location in your sig (People advice is often based on your location!) it's hard to say but there should be a music store in your area that rents.
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