Right so a while back i got myself a new guitar, but i havent really played it much yet and havent had time to post a new guitar day yet so here we go...

First pictures then review:

Nice fret inlays...

Headstock shot...


Family photo...

Right for the review:

Well first impressions with this guitar were really good, its got really low action and plays really well compared to my fender... its got a really fast neck and i really like having more than 21 frets for a change (although this only has 22) it does seem to make the neck fee much longer for some reason to me and i like that.

This guitar also in my opinion looks pretty sick. The see through black finish looks killer!

The sound this guitar makes is to be expected. Pretty great for metal, mainly rythm its got a really nice way of kinda tightening up the sound when using both pickups. In the neck get a few nice lead tones that sound pretty good for any high gain stuff and will give some great pinch harmonics. And to my suprise the bridge pickup sounds pretty good for cleans.... for an emg anyway

However...Problems have occured, im new to floyd rose setups and iv'e come across a few problems that some of you guys may be able to help me out with?

First theres a really annoying fret buzz on the low e and a strings when im in standard tuning and pretty much a bad buzz from all the stings when im down tuned to drop c and since i got this guitar to be my drop tuned guitar its a bit of a pain... Ive tryed raising the bridge to no avail. I have noticed that there is absolutely no bow in the guitar neck at all and there is meant to be a small amount so maybe a truss rod adjustment is in order?

Second, when tuning ill tune up as normal get all the strings in tune and litterally by the time i get to finished tuning the first few strings are already of of tune i have to retune them then repeat the process about 3 times.
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There are plenty of guides on how to set up a Floyd rose. Just google for em.

To get you started here is the Owners manual for ESP guitars which has plenty of info

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Ok mate cheers for the help, ill start trying to set it up soon as i get bk off holiday
A friend told me years ago that any guitar with a trem will need to be tuned through 3-5 times before it will hold tune. I have found this to be true. There's a great tutorial in the ug forums on setting up floyds too. P.s. sweet guitar!!
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A friend told me years ago that any guitar with a trem will need to be tuned through 3-5 times before it will hold tune. I have found this to be true.

Kinda a crappy design if thats true... i just thought it was my dodgy set up... ive heard it helps if u tune from the inside and work your way to the outer stings? is that true?