Can anyone please help me tab out the song "Perfect Darkness" by Fink.

It a very cool sound he captures and I would like to learn it and sing it. PLEASE HELP! (trying to figure this out has been eating out my insides)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTqUaeDL0pk (song's link to youtube)
tuning is DADGAD (he plays everything in DADGAD)
If I find anything, or manage to figure it out I'll let you know bro, I want this tab so badly.. :')
In my opinion it's C5/D5/A5 in the verses and C5/D5/G/A5 in the second part of the chorus... At least the album version. But It also works with C/D/Am and C/D/G/Am.
What do you think?
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