hi guys,

i own a 34 year old Aria AC30 Classical Guitar and i would like to know how much its worth. i havent played many classical guitars but out of all that ive played this sounds and feels the best. it used to be my dads and its in good condition and it a a few scratches that can only be seen in direct light. there is no fret wear but the strings are quite worn out cause i havnt replaced them for a while.

anyway does anyone know how much its worth? im not even considering selling such a precious and vintage instrument but im curious to know how much its worth. thanks in advance.
The AC35 seems to be around USD 1,200. I suppose you could guess a second hand AC30 would be half of that. But that is a guess.
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cool, but would it, being vintage, be worth anymore? i dont really care and $600 is a lot anyway and i wont sell it. how much do you think itd be worth new?
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There is no AC30 listed in the Aria concert guitar series. I'm assuming the AC35 is the current version of the AC30.

Cool, thanks. Good to know that it's worth that much. I'm not selling it anyway but it's nice to know