When I play Eruption's tapping part, the sound is really low, even when both guitar and amp volume are up full, im i doing something wrong?
im able to play thunderstruck this way and it sounds good but not loud?

or is it because of a shit strat copy encore?
If you don't have enough distortion it's not going to sound very good. Distortion and overdrive is key.
The encore strat copy doesn't really sound that good, however the problem could be your tapping technique if it isn't loud enough.
Cranking your gain is pretty much all you can do.

You're tapping technique might not be very good though, that's something to look into as well. My tapping isn't the greatest and the volume of the pieces I play with tapping in them aren't very loud either.
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You're a decent 11'er Bryc3e

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More gain. Tapping without a ton of gain is asking for trouble. You might also want to put a screamer pedal in front of the amp.