Hey all! I've been playing Primus songs for quite a while, but I can't get the same sound that Les Claypool has (like in the song Lee Van Cleef, not the wah/flanger/phaser effects I have heard him using in some other songs). I have a big equalizer and a multi effects processor, any suggestions how te got this sound out of my amp? Thanks in advance
Are you talking about tone? Otherwise he's pretty much slapping, unfortunately i'm no bass expert but you should check out his live performances - i find that always helps a lot

But I'd like to know the same about Ler's guitar tone...i think you have to be a god or something, but i guess i don't know very much.
When it comes to Claypool equipment is only going to get you maybe 30% of the way there.
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Obviously the fretless bass has a lot to do with it

Lots of bridge pick up and a fair amount of treble/high mids is gonna get you closer (at least for the tapping stuff)
I use slap-style (I don't know if there's a difference in slap-style? I slap on the highest fret and pop around where the neck ends), but through my amp it just sounds muddier than the sound he has (same for the live songs I've heard) I'd like to get the tone he has because I think it will sound cool with other band's songs I play along with. I'll try setting the equalizer to higher treble, but I don't have a fretless bass so I can't try that one yet though :/ I hadn't thought of using bridge pickup either so better try that one xD
Anyway, thanks for the replies!