In recorded music, a segue is a seamless transition between one song and another.

Here are some examples of popular "Segues"

Beatles: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band / With a Little Help from My Friends

Pink Floyd: Happiest Days of Our Lives / Another Brick in The Wall (Part 2)

Steve Miller Band: Threshold / Jet Airliner

Led Zeppelin: Heartbreaker / Living Loving Maid

Boston - Foreplay / Long Time

Anyway, in this modern age, not many people listen to complete albums anymore, and instead mindlessly dump 800 songs onto their shiny new IPod Touch...

I always liked Segues, and I write songs that Segue into each other, but I wonder if people still think they are a good idea in the days of single digital downloads.

One idea I considered was creating two version of the songs, one being the true "Album Version", and then one "Track Version". The Track Version would end in either a fade out, or an extended ending to the song...

Anybody have opinions on Segues?
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Personally, I love them! I think they give songs extra personality. It also helps tie songs together on an album. It does suck having to download the songs separately onto an Ipod. . .
I personally love them...Periphery's debut album is filled with em, and they work really well.
Honestly, I think segues might HELP sales nowadays....like, if song A has a segue into song B that is really badass, and someone buys only song A, they might go WOW i wanna hear where this goes! and you just sold two songs.
Let's put it this way...segues wont HURT your sales, and for the fans that actually buy a full album, it makes the experience a million times better
Well, there's so many songs with the seagues in... Listen to any of RHCP albums, you will find it alot in there.
Angels & Airwaves Love album has a ton of em in there. Probably half the reason I have to listen to it from start to finish.

I like using em since I come up with a lot of ideas that I wouldn't use for a full blown track (like maybe a minute or two of music) but don't want to let go to waste. I do a lot of Synth work so Segues find there way in a ton
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there are still people who listen to albums all the way through, and thats the kind of people who appreciate segues. in my opinion, the album is still an art form, just one that seems to be neglected these days. being able to arrange 12 songs in a way that it doesnt sound like something on shuffle, maybe tying them to the artwork and creating a cohesive hour of music is a talent.

so i like segues.
All of Between the Buried and Me's Colors had them, and that album was utter genius.
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