I have some difficulty with guitar distortion names. I am looking for this kind of distortion, but I don't know if it's tube distortion, basic distortion, overdrive or etc. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnWrYIfPBn8

Also, would this be tube distortion? (well, overdrive) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpMrLTwC804&t=1m34s

Thanks in advance Also, sorry if I'm posting in the wrong forum, I don't know if it should go in here or in the guitar forum. :/
pretty difficult to tell based on those clips but I'd say that is just tube amp distortion.

i'd go to www.netmusicians.org and look up up various amps and then youtube Boss OD-1 and DS-1 or something like an all in one pedal like the Visual Sounds Jekyll and Hyde to get a feel for what an OD pedal sounds like vs a Distortion pedal. Distortion adds clipping (distortion) to the signal where Overdrives more or less boosts what is already there.

That is a general comment - there are thousands of pedals, amps and tones out there that blur this line all day long.
They look young so I'd be surprized if they weren't using pedals. But there's also some thick chorus and delay and god only knows what else going on with that guys tone. Too artificial for my taste so its hard to tell, my guess would be more distortion than od.
that was awesome.

looks like sigure's been seen using matchless c30s and jmi30/4s.

i'm guessing they use a lot of pedals as well.
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