i am looking to buy a new guitar and was thinking of buying another epiphone les paul any suggestions?? any suggestions would be helpful would like a les paul an sg would be a maybe though
Well if you're strictly looking for epiphone I would say




but you should also try looking at some made in mexico fenders. They're probably a good deal better in quality than any epiphone and they're around the same price.
if you're looking at epi

get the G400 SG

it'll be the smartest desicion you'll make if you only want an epi.
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I have an Epi Dot and an Epi SG (G-400). I consider them both to be great guitars. Both have very nice action and a good feel.

The upper frets are more accessible on the SG vs the LP. I have a Samick Les Paul that I just picked up. The SG is more neck heavy, so you kind of need to hold the neck a bit. My favorite strap is 3" wide and cotton so that helps get a grip on your shoulder. The LP is a heavy guitar with a lot of sustain. I imagine an Epi LP std would be about the same.

So if you want a lighter guitar with better up fret access then the SG. Otherwise the LP.

Songs 1,2,5,& 7 in my "My Music" link were done with the SG. #4 & 11 was the Epi Dot
I own an Epiphone SG Prophecy Gx and it plays like a dream. It absolutely blows most low-end Gibson SGs and Les Pauls out of the water and looks 10 times more awesome, for only $500.

Try looking at Carvin too. I heard they make really good guitars