Hello, I am looking to take up guitar this fall and I have been poking around guitar shops looking for the best inexpensive guitar for my buck (somehwere in the $100-150 range).

I came across the Inexpensive Guitar Advice: Cort AD810 w. Solid Top or Popular models w. laminate, an inexpensive solid spruce top dreadnought ($113 on Amazon and $140 at the local shop). I liked the guitar a lot. It was no frills design and (to my untrained ear) sounded pretty good.

The reason I hesitate to pull the trigger on this guitar is that I can't seem to find a lot of information in the way of reviews about it. On the flip side, there are models like the Takamine Jasmine S35 which go for less, have laminate tops, flashier looks, and clean up in the review department.

Other models I am considering are:

Yamaha F325

Oscar Schmidt OG2

I know the optimal thing to do is bump my budget up to increase my options... but the budget is what it is.

Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions on which model might be the better option? Does anyone know much about Cort guitars?
I'd recommend that you just go to a music store and try out some of their acoustics to get a feel for which one suits you best. The employees there should be able to help you out if you have any questions, it's much better to buy your first guitar in person instead of over the internet because you can really get a feel for the guitar and know that you like it, and you can get a bit more information on the guitar from the sales person.
Yamaha makes an excellent product for the price. I used to have a 700s solid top and man that thing kicked ass. Then I sold it bought a bass now I have a laminate top guitar. It ain't bad. I would try to get a solid top though. Because as you grow on the guitar your skills the sound will be better over time on a solid top. Yea man. Solid tops are the way to go. I wouldn' get an oscar schmidt. My friend had that acoustic and it was okay but thats just my two cents. Try not to get a fender either unless its solid top. I think a Yamaha is your best bet man. A Yamaha or an epiphone masterbuilt. I'm thinking about getting that Epiphone J200. Its laminate top but I like the big bodies like that. Good for bass playin on a guitar.