Hey all, I'm just getting into Propellerhead Reason and all the different instruments that it has available. I want a good, portable MIDI controller to use with my laptop. If it has independent synth sounds on it as well, that is a bonus. I am looking to use it in live shows as well, if the opportunity arises, but I'm not sure of what features would be helpful (for example, I'm not sure if I would ever use pads to trigger samples from my computer, but it could be cool I guess). I'm looking at this one:


Anyone have experience with it? Also, budget is < $150 if possible.

Thanks for your help!
I would maybe look at old synths, for example an alesis qs 6.1 or a yamaha cs1x. You would have more than 2 octaves on the keyboard and some usable sounds as well, so you could use it without reason as well. I don't know how much it would cost you in the united states, but here in the Netherlands you can get the two synths I stated for about €150 second hand.
Don't go cheap for live shows....buy a quality product and it will last you a lot longer, not to mention it has far less chance of breaking during a live show!

Look at it this way, if you're playing live shows, you can get paid, and you can make the money back and the product will be worth it.
Good point...okay well here's just a random question. What exactly can I do with the pads and knobs on the keyboard I posted. I'm assuming that you can map samples to the pads and when you hit it it will play right? What kinda of use would that have a live setting? What other things could I do with it? Thanks!