Does anyone have any experience with these?

Help would really be appreciated, i usually wake up everyday at about 7-9 no matter when i go to bed but today classes are cancelled so i decided to sleep in cause my roommates did and i honestly dont think ive ever slept in before

I get these too. The key is to... not oversleep.
Never heard of 'em. Aspirine I guess.

Gozd in gora poj,
silen ženimo hrup,
uboga gmajna, le vpup, le vkup,
le vkup, le vkup z menoj,
staro pravdo v mrak tulimo,
da se pretulimo skozi to zimo
I usually feel pretty good when I oversleep.

Sorry man.

If I oversleep too much, I start to feel... mucky? Frizzled? Distressed? Anxious?

I don't know what it is, but I get a not so comfortable feeling for a little while after I oversleep a lot. By oversleeping, I mean going to bed at a reasonable time, eg midnight, and waking up at 3 or 4 in the afternoon.
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I love oversleeping. I dont get a a headache, although, it kinda makes me more tired than I would be if I got up a a normal time. Still, totally worth it.