I just got myself a new Line 6 Pod UX1 and i've been playing around with it along with addictive drums. I came up with this short metal thing to test out how it sounded and i want as many opinions as possible!

C4C if you leave a link, youtube or UG profiles etc. I will crit back

So i'm mainly looking for opinions, advice, comments and constructive criticisms for the MIX and PRODUCTION of this track but any replies are appreciated! Cheers,

Need to cut guitars at 4k so they don't sound like plastic. They could also do with a little less gain I think, that'll help with the fizz. Kick is also a bit low, not punchy at all. The bass or third guitar track, can't really tell which it is, that's centered also sounds really... floppy I guess.
Ok thanks for the feedback! It was a quick mix on my headphones late at night and listening back now, yeah i notice some of the stuff you said Odirunn. I have a couple questions so i hope you check back.

What frequency would you suggest boosting the kick drum? Right now i've put a narrow boost at 70hz and a narrow cut at the same place on everything else (all guitars and bass). Would you suggest a wider boost or just at a different frequency or what?

Also by floppy you could mean the treble on the bass guitar? I turned the mids and treble up a little because it was the only way i could make the bass actually noticeable rather than just filling in the low end. However the frequency in which i boosted it (about 600hz i think), there was a dip in the frequency spectrum analyser so i thought it wouldn't do any harm... So is there any other ways you would suggest achieving the 'noticeable' bass thing?

And one more thing, is it a good idea to have a centre-panned guitar? Without it, the mix just sounds a bit empty and weak. But with it, it covers up the bass...

Thanks very much

- Jim
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