I've been looking for a new amp and I came across a guy who says he can turn a Baldwin Amp (Chasis?) into a single channel AC30 type amp on the cheap. Is this a good idea for a starving guitarist in a new band with other pressing needs? I'm very intrigued but I've never heard of this and I'm clueless about the inner workings of amps so some sorta warning/reassurance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for looking
You know, I never thought this would ever actually be relevant in any situation, but what you really need is a new amp.

Call me Neutral.
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I've never heard of it either.

I've heard of lots of people offering to do jobs cheaply though. It usually means they will do it extremely badly.

You may have got lucky and found the exception, but proceed with extreme caution.

I guess technically speaking all any amp does is accept a signal, process it and send it to a speaker for volume, so it may be possible, but if you're expecting an organ amp to sound like a proper guitar amp it seems to me like you're setting yourself up for a big disappointment.

If you go for it, make sure you fully test it before paying any money for it.

Realistically though, what you really need is a new amp
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He said no obligation but I'm so clueless on it I'm not sure if I should bother. It sounds so tempting for a poor bastard like me but so far its 2 no's, 0 yes's. If I don't get a decent yes I guess I'm not gonna bother and just go with the bj and ramen noodles for the next few weeks
PS there's a youtube video of one of his organ guitar amps under: Wurlitzer Tube Amp - Converted for Guitar
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If it's a tube amp then it will probably sound alright. Still, be cautious, know what you're getting into, and this to me doesn't seem like a cheap thing so I don't know why you keep talking about being cheap.

He said we'd be talking less than $200. I was thinking that though, it sounds too good to be true, a single channel AC30 "clone" for $200! But I don't need any frills besides a volume if it sounds good, so it seems somewhat possible. His amp in the youtube vid sounds beautiful clean. Thanks, that makes it 2-2. And the people with an explanation behind their answer both gave a cautious yes so thats the tie breaker for now.