Just recorded this last week. This is an original one. Kinda cool, me and the rhythm player teach guitar at a music school in town and we've played in a metal band together (mp3's on profile as well) and we got the drum teacher playing, and the owner's daughter singing on the track. It was cool working with everyone and I recorded and played on it so it kinda gave me an engineer's and musician's point of view on everything. Anyway check it out, hope you guys like it, it's untitled right now. Crit for Crit!!

(Untitled Progressive)
The first thing I noticed is a distinctive lack of bass. That, and the fact that imo the guitars could use a chunkier tone made the track feel very thin if you ask me. I really liked the first lead, nice tone. The acoustic bit was quite interesting, and when the vocals come in, the track becomes a whole lot better (though the vocals didn't seem to fit the mix quite well during the heavy parts... try bringing the guitar more up front and maybe add more reverb to the voice or something). The next heavy bit at around 3:40 was pretty good, but again, I found the tone to be a tad lackluster. There are some really cool riffs in here, though, and the solo was pretty good as well. The ending was pretty much flawless in terms of composition, but the thing with the vocals not really fitting becomes quite evident here if you ask me. Overall, I know it seems like I've complained too much about this track, but it's because I really see potential in this. If you could polish it a bit more, this would be an awesome song.

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I've actually got too much bass here on my end haha, idk I'm big on mid rangey basses. And I can agree on the guitars being a tad thin, i'm working on that as i'm typing this. I know i've got a few kinks to work out in the track and that's exactly why I posted it up here, to get someone who's never heard it's opinion, and it's awesome to get a little bit of feedback. Especially when i've been listening to it for the last 48 hours straight ha. Thanks for all your feedback, i'll adjust!
Sorry for the self bump but Just made a facebook page with an updated version of the song. Thanks for the crits guys I made the changes you recommended and it sounds a lot better. much love, like for a like!