Can I just ask, what does everyone use when recording overdrive/distortion? What pedals do you use/favour/recommend or do you use your amp?

I have a Marshall TSL combo, which has facilities to record direct from the amp, and evn to mute the output, but it's not always practical to use it, as there are space issues etc.

I have a number of overdrive.distortion pedals such as Metal Zone, Aria distortion (early 80's), Marshall Guvnor 2, Little Big Muff, an old JHS fuzz box and a 70's Coloursound fuzz wah, but none of these give a (to me) satisfactory result. There's also built in overdrives etc on my recorder (Boss BR1600CD) but they don't sound too authentic to me either.

I use the Marshall Guvnor when rehearsing with my band rather than lug my TSL around, and that isn't too great either. There must be something that gives a good reproduction of a heavy, classic rock sound. Of couyrse, what suits one person etc is all very subjective but I'd like something that sounds, beefy but not to 'processed' if you know what I mean. I guess I'm looking at prices under £80 either new or ebay.....

For recording I plug directly into my Boss BR1600CD hard disk recorder. I don't use computer based recording at all.
For rehearsals, I use whatever amp is in the studio, and use the Marshall Guvnor for the overdrive, which doesn't sound too bad, but it still doesn't give me a decent enough sound. I just wondered if there are any other pedals which come highly recommended.....
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