Just recorded this last week. Me and the rhythm player teach guitar at a music school in town and we've played in a metal band together (mp3's on profile as well) and we got the drum teacher playing, and the owner's daughter singing on the track. It was cool working with everyone and I recorded and played on it so it kinda gave me an engineer's and musician's point of view on everything. Anyway check it out, hope you guys like it, it's untitled right now. The band name is still up in the air too, we're fairly fresh. Enjoy guys! Good or bad crits always welcome.

(Untitled Progressive)
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Link does't work. I liked the song, I'm a sucker for female vocals in metal. The distorted guitar tone was disappointing though. It's very scooped and harsh, and at times thin. The drums are also very clicky, not a whole lot of body. Overall the mix was a bit claustrophobic, a less dense mix would open it up a lot. Musically it was very cool, from a mixing/recording standpoint though it was lackluster.

EDIT: I listened to another track on your profile and the guitar tone is awesome, with that tone this song would have been infinitely better.
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Woops haha , try this one


edit: Yeah i totally know what you mean by thin guitars. There is just a crap load going on on the track so it was hard to designate everything frequencies. Something I gotta work on for sure, thanks a lot for the crit, noted!
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Just made a facebook page with an updated version of the song. Thanks for the crits guys I made the changes you recommended and it sounds a lot better. much love, like for a like!