Why is it that threads in this part of the forum (and likely all of UG) get a large number of views but an obscenely low number of responses? Are people just not that interested, don't have an answer, heard the question before, lurking? I don't really get it, maybe a lot of you guys/gals have lost that spark and come here more out of routine than wanting to share?

An example, there is a thread right now about most memorable times playing the guitar, and it's got a lot of views but low responses (actually, high for this forum in responses...). Surely each and every person on this forum has a fond memory about the guitar they could share. Maybe it's cause I'm new and don't know the regulars yet, maybe it's cause I haven't visited the right areas yet, maybe its something else but for some reason I just don't feel a sense of community. I think it'd be cool to remedy that.

Just wait, this thread will be one of those ones I'm talking about.
I will post in it. I will give a few reasons why i think this happens

1. lurkers
2. people who want to learn
3. Dumb threads that sound cool
4. people to dumb to add things to a thread
5. This thread in particular has a downside as their is nothing new happening in the acoustic world.

Many of the people just go strait to the pit and sort of neglect the other threads unless they need to ask a question or something.

that is just my opinion....this thread should also have been asked in the pit but i do not blame you for not going in there...
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i can't speak for other posters. i respond to threads that i can answer. if i don't have an answer, or a thread doesn't resonate with me, i don't respond. i actually typed a response to the most memorable thread, but didn't post it as my two most memorable times were in my living room. i don't respond to threads when i don't feel i have much to contribute. i expect that's the bottom line as to why most people don't post.
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(Ha, how ironic! ...of all the threads to pull me out of semi-retirement)

The main reason I find myself viewing, but not posting in many threads anymore is because I enter them only to find that they have already been answered dozens of times or are simply not that interesting to me. That's half the beauty of online forums. You can contribute at your leisure.

...or maybe acoustic players are just a little more softspoken.
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yeah I about figured as much, those all seem like logical answers. This is one of the larger forums I've ever been a part of so that may have something to do with it. I enjoy the acoustic forum more than the rest (well...I haven't really properly explored everywhere yet...theres just so much) and kinda wish there was more overall discussion here about the joys of playing acoustic than just questions.

Because I'm a beginner myself, I can't really answer questions for others as efficiently or effectively as the folks around here that have been playing longer than I've been alive. Because of this reason I contribute to the viewing threads and not posting. Maybe the longer I'm around here the more I'll see.
I think its because its good to lurk on this forum. Because of how complicated acoustic guitars are, especially in terms of how they're made and the general upkeep of them, its good to lurk, 'cos lurking may save your guitar from cracking.

But I think its also because people don't feel like they know enough to answer, which I think is stupid. If what you say is wrong someone else will correct you and it will be OK and then you also learn something new. People have just got to speak out more.
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Well you can take my situation as an example
You posted a question ( or a thread ) , and many people , including people who know better or more experienced than myself answered ...

Facing that situation , most people prefer to walk by silently , others just Troll the question for fun ( or idiocy if you asked me )
Others , try to " stir " the conversation by adding some interesting thoughts in their posts , and fortunately , this forum has a good number of those people ...

I don't know if there's a " recipe " for good threads ... maybe it's a mix of a good question , good users replying , and some good luck ...
PS : English is not my first language
OK i will use this as a bit of a thread to vent in....

This area is just in a sad state...there are very few viewers and the ones who do view are not posting...I love the acoustic guitar....I am racking my brain as I speak trying to figure out thread i deas that will bring people in and get them to post....but i cant think of any....I just want to have a good place to go on ug that does not suck and is not filled with stupidity....Can any of the "regulars" think of anything either???
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I usually don't post much in here anymore because pattycake always seems to beat me to it! And she's got the same answer(the correct one of course) that I would have given anyway.