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Mar Sara


Hello to the members of the greatest guitar-related website EVER. My name is Arnold and I'm the lead singer and guitarist of the band Mar Sara.

We're a Hard Rock / Progressive Rock band that's starting out here in New York. This thread will be used exclusively for the sole purpose of letting UG users know what's up with the band. But I won't ramble too much about us now. Let's just get down to business; OUR MUSIC.

We're currently writing and practicing a lot of new original material. We've even managed to record 3 of our songs in my bedroom.

So please check us out if you'd like. *HERE'S OUR FACEBOOK*

As always, questions, comments, and criticisms are welcome.

Thank you guys in advance, and here's to having a blast sharing love and music.

- Arnold
Hey there,

Arnold here. Mar Sara is currently looking for an additional lead guitarist to fill up our line-up.

So if you know anybody who lives in the New York area, and is willing, please let us know! =)

- Arnold
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So we made ALL OF OUR DEMO SONGS available for download. FOR FREE! RIGHT NOW!! =D

This action has been met with a warm response. MUSIC TO THE PEOPLE!

We're still having a bit of a hard time finding a lead guitarist who we think will mesh well with us and our style. That's the only thing holding us back from going out and rocking the F#%$ out of NY. So for now, we write songs...

O' fair guitar player, where art thou?

- Arnold
Hello Again,

So, the band has reached a decision. SCREW a second guitarist (at least for right now)! We want to play shows and we wanna do it NOW!! And if that means I gotta sing while playing almost ALL of the guitar parts on my own simultaneously, THEN SO BE IT!

Come to think of it, I've always wanted to be the only guitarist in a band. Gives you room to do whatever the hell you want, really. But I really looked forward to having another guitarist in the band so I can focus more on the singing side of things a bit too. That and you'd have another guitarist in the room to bounce ideas off of. Ah well, "ya can't always get whatcha want", or so they say.

Time to do some damn shows. But first, we gotta put the finishing touches on our songs. WE WROTE 3 KICK ASS JAMS IN 2 HOURS!!! That's just unheard of!

Can't wait to share with you guys!

Until then,

- Arnold
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So good news. We've got a few gigs in the works. Hopefully it's all gonna work out great, but we need to decide on some of the details. But we're rolling, you guys! We got this momma rollin'!

Oh, and another thing, we finished recording our first fan-slave video last night. Basically, our fan slave videos are vids that we make for our fans to show that we are their slaves... Hmm, that didn't really explain much. Well, you'll see what I mean when we post it. Which should be soon!

Until further notice,

- Arnold
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Hellooo out there!!

Been a while, sweet child! <---(something I'm trying to make mainstream... yea, I know)

So remember when I told you about our "Fan Slave" video that we made? Remember how I tried to explain it but couldn't? Well, put that all aside because right here, I have for your viewing pleasure EXACTLY WHAT I MEANT. Check the video description for a more thought out explanation as to what the heck the video is about!

With all that said, ladies and gents (although I'm assuming mostly gents), Mar Sara's 1st Fan Slave video:


Hope you liked it! See ya soon, sweet baboon! <-----(This will be my last one ever)

- Arnold
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I wanted to share 2 things that realized just now.

1. Almost all of my posts thus far on this thread start off with "So...". Gonna stop that.

2. Writing Lyrics just ****ing sucks sometimes.

Hopefully, these new tunes will get the justice they deserve lyrically.
You'll be the first to know.

Until then!

- Arnold
Hi there!

Our first gig was last night. It went pretty well for the most part. Some hiccups here and there, but nothing too devastating. The crowd seemed to have liked us, which is a always a good thing.

We just have to work on getting our vibe together as a band. We need to be tight and interlocked a lot more. Also find a guitarist to free me up a bit, so that I won't have to play EVERY guitar part and sing at the same time. It would open the music up a lot more too.

We had a really amazing flyer made for us, and we printed about 400 copies, which turned out to be a bit too much. We didn't have anyone shoot us a like on facebook though.

Here's to hoping our second gig will be more fruitful!

Did somebody say... UPDAAATE?

Well, we're giggin', so that's a plus. Got a decent amount of shows to do. =)

We're also trying to get an EP done, however, we're uncertain of a few things. Specifically speaking, the quality of our songs. We're just constantly trying to make them better, so I guess you can say we're writing and re-writing. Either way, I think it'll make for an interesting EP.

I wonder if we could even pull of an LP....
Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving weekend!

We did our second photoshoot the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend (yes, we know, bad idea lol), but it was very fun nonetheless. This is the first one with Taka, our bassist, so he's fully-fledged now.

We've also announced our second fan slave idea: if we reach 300 fans, I will eat... well... I don't want to say just yet, but I assure you it's nasty, AND I WILL EAT IT WHOLE, yes sir.

So spread the word, like the band please. Work on the EP is going nicely, we've begun pre-production, so we're rolling. GOOD TIMES! Hopefully, we'll be done with it by late January? Fingers crossed.

Till Then,

- Arnold
Season's Greetings and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Alrighty, where to start, where to start?!

I'd like to say that you should assume the large time intervals between each post to be a good thing, because it means we're getting more done! So we've already planned out the EP, the track listing, and the overall ideas that we want to convey. It should be a helluva ride. I'll personally be producing and engineering it. THAT SHOULD BE INTERESTING.

I've bought new hardware and software, and I've done some production work for other artists, so I think it's time to bring it home to base.

We're also trying to get more shows happening so that's going to be fun. Especially since I finished college, i.e. MORE TIME FOR ROCK!

Ok, I'm actually so excited to get to work on this EP that my thoughts are all cluttered so I can't articulate much right now. EXPECT AN EP FROM US SOMETIME SOON. Fingers crossed. I wanna take my time with it!

Can't wait!

- Arnold
Hello everyone,

So damn, lemme tell ya, recording your own EP is hard work. IT'S QUITE FRUSTRATING ACTUALLY. Especially when you're the only guy in the band who really knows how to work the equipment, software, etc.

But hopefully the pros shall out weigh the cons once the record is completed. We really believe in these songs and we've got a lot more to record after this EP as well.

Other news, we have a killer practice space and we're using it to it's max capacity to practice for THE BREAK CONTEST. It's basically the competition where the winning bands get to play at Bamboozle in NJ. So a little tweaking here, some practicing there, and hopefully the next time I'm on these boards, we'll have some really great news for ya!

Until Then,


And so, The Break Contest is tomorrow for us. We go on at 5 pm. I'm very excited. I haven't been this excited since Mar Sara played their first show! As always, we've made the set sound killer, and it's definitely got enough balls to potentially blow the judges away. Don't want to brag, but I believe in the music, and I think we really have a chance here.

Recording is still going on, but at a snails pace. Everyone's schedule is so damn busy, I can only do so much. I need the bassist to record his bass, and the drummer to do drums! Ugh.


As always, I'll keep you all in the loop.

Spread the love!

- Arnold

Looks like Mar Sara made it into ROUND 2 of the BAMBOOZLE BREAK CONTEST!!!!

We feel so blessed to have the support of everybody who stopped by the show and rooted us on! From the die-hards, to the recently converted, we are nothing without you, and love you so dearly that words cannot explain. <3

We promise to DESTROY in Round 2, in the name of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.

Hopefully, we can also pick up the pace on the recordings we've been doing too lol

More news to come soon, just thought I'd share. J.O.Y.

- Arnold