This is my bands debut EP "Anathema"


We recently had it reviewed and it's had quite a positive response and it's free so please head on over, hit download and enjoy!

You can read the review at:

We're currently working on our next effort, you can keep track of the progress on our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/whenthesunburnsout
I don't mean to be harsh but... that review is just wrong. There is nothing brutal or proggy about the music and there's nothing black metal about the vocals at all. There's nothing really wrong with the music if you like that kind of thing but it really just sounds like old Atreyu with some slightly more modern breakdowns in it.

It's fine but I honestly don't know why that review gave it a 9/10, even by the standards of this genre this is a 5, maybe 6 at best.
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