Long time reader, first time poster. I hope I'm posting this question where it should be. I apologize in advance if not. I'm working with a solid state Marshall half-stack. Tube is better, believe me I know. But I want something that can take a beating on the road and not have to worry about replacing tubes.

So, I've been using a basic foot pedal setup for my guitar. It's not so bad for clean and OD settings. I rather like the OD I get from the head, but my full-on distortion leaves a little something to be desired. I play rhythm guitar and our band does progressive metal with psychedelic and ambient tones. So no crazy death metal 'look what I can do' type stuff. The softer side... think Deftones, APC, Porcupine Tree, and Tool. Not Lamb of God, Between the Buried and Me, and Faceless type stuff. Just trying to give clarification for the kind of sounds I'm going for.

I want to spend around $150-200 on pedals. I don't need much, but I would like to have a nice three stage set up consisting of clean, OD, and full-on, beautiful, face-melting distortion. Again, I think I'd be cool with using the OD my amp provides.

So I'm wondering what kind of pedal setup I'll need to achieve these 2 things:

1) Tone that will give me nice high gain tube sound. You know what I'm talking about, that beautiful fizzy yet gritty and searing tone. I've looked into Tubescreamers. Will those achieve something close to that sound?

2) Reliable, smooth sounding feedback. I don't want to have to wave my guitar all around to get it. I don't want it to be abrasive or an unwieldy type of feedback either. Is a compressor the answer here? I think I've heard that those can help with this. What about graphic EQs? I'm open to suggestions.

I primarily use a semi-hollow Ibanez Artcore. It's great for rhythm and gives me a nice bottom end.

Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated!! So what kind of pedal setup should I consider? Remember I'm only using a foot switch right now, and it's screwed. So what kind of pedal setup would u guys suggest I graduate to considering my aforementioned needs?
All OD pedals affect amps differently. I think for solid state amps its best to skip over the OD pedal and look at something like distortion or fuzz itself. From what I have learned about OD pedals like the Tubescreamer is they are best suited for pushing tubes into the saturated gain zone giving them that nice sound; however this sound is apparently not so pleasing on a solid state. This is where the digital effect of the the distortion or fuzz would be better suited for a solid state amp. Hopefully one of the effects gurus can chime in here and correct me if what I am telling you is wrong. But with my electronics background I can tell you that a tube and solid state dont break up the same way at all. A tube amp will saturate and distort when overdriven and a solid state will clip and sound like poo when overdriven.

I have had my eye on this little guy on my own personal taste, but check out the MXR Custom Badass '78 Distortion pedal, that's along the lines of what you should be looking at IMHO maybe not that exact brand but that type of pedal. Hopefully this helps and hopefully someone corrects my (probably) wrong info!
When your talking about smaller amps, some soild state models that have 12AX7 preamps in them can emulate a tube sound pretty well, but when your talking about half-stacks I don't think your going to find anything that sounds like tubes - that isnt tubes.

That being said, the tube screamer from my understanding is suppose to boost the natural overdrive of the tubes your using - I dont know how well it will work boosting the overdrive of a solid state.
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Awesome dude. You're from Little Rock too. What are the odds? When you say you're UG's single Limp Bizkit fan do you mean you're single and a LB fan or the only one on the site? Pretty funny either way.

I'll check out that '78 you're talking about. I had a feeling someone would say the obvious, if you want tube sound you need tubes. I mean if it were in my financial arena to do so I would have a 2500 dollar rig, though that's just not going to happen for a good while.

Keep the suggestions coming guys. I'm loving the info.